In the atlas, names are mapped in a number of different ways:

  • individual names or (usually) group mappings
  • area diagrams or pie charts
  • circles by settlement, municipality, district or canton
  • absolute representation (absolute frequency of the name type per location) or relative representation (share of the name type in all names of the location)
  • all of Switzerland or partial maps

The figure shows a group mapping:

  • green for sobriquets ending with -li (e.g. Auchli based on Anke 'butter', Krättli based on Chratte 'smaller, bulbous basket')
  • blue for sobriquets with the weak genitive ending -en (e.g. Rychen based on MHG. rîch 'noble, rich' or Schwarzen based on adj. schwarz

Area and pie charts were combined for the image. As a result, it becomes clearly visible that the two formation types are distributed in an almost complementary manner. The image is a preview. The pie charts roughly correspond to the representation at the municipality level. More examples will appear here shortly.