The aim of the atlas is to work out the specifics of the Swiss surname landscape, to present them on maps and annotate them where possible. Over the course of the 4-year project, we aim to work out the differences between the (German) Swiss surname stock and other systems. A key question will be: which family names (phenomena) result in a spatial image, which do not? What, if anything, can be concluded from this? Depending on the phenomena, there are references to dialect regions or to historical writing landscapes. The focus of the atlas is on the study of German Swiss names; however, there are also maps offering perspectives on the particularities of French-, Italian-, and Romansh-speaking Switzerland. Particularly characteristic of the Swiss linguistic landscape is the intensive (historical and recent) contact between languages, which is also reflected in surnames. The team therefore consists of four Germanists and one Romance scholar. In addition to the project work, we will present and illustrate corresponding phenomena in flanking publications and presentations, building on the state of research.

Key figures

Quelle: Urbarien Interlaken 1, 769, 1535, Staatsarchiv Bern